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Have you tried a newest innovations of Silbake OVENBAG?



With this high-quality Ovenbag, grilling sandwiches becomes easier
and more convenient than ever. You are able to serve the customers
faster when there is no need to scrub the grill between servings.
The Ovenbag can be put directly onto a contact grill or into an oven to heat
up sandwiches, paninis or pizza. Food can be eaten directly from the bag
or packed to go.

Why Ovenbag?
• The Ovenbag keeps the grill clean during cooking
• No lasting unpleasant odors or aftertaste of food residue burnt on the grill
• Hygienic: the food does not touch the grill during cooking
• The paper is heat resistant and certified up to 220°C
• The paper is greaseproof and prevents oil and grease from oozing onto the grill
• The bread gets its mouthwatering grilled stripes even through the bag
• The bags are made of 100% certified food-safe paper
• Compostable and biodegradable: the used bag can be sorted as bio waste
• The Ovenbag can be ordered in brown or white paper and in different sizes


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