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Resin Coated Fibre Scourers

£1.50 £1.50

The Resin Coated Fibre Scourer is ideal for removing stubborn baked on food and grease from surfaces. Our Resin Coated Fibre Scourers are highly effective for wiping away spills, tough stains, stubborn marks and drips. 

These scourer pads are perfect for tough scrubbing and heavy-duty cleaning with their abrasive design, ideal for kitchen use, cooking utensils and work surfaces.

Case Size/Capacity: 1 x 10

Weight: 15.87g per scourer approx. +/- 10% 460 gsm grade

Colour: Green

Material: Polyester fibre with acrylic resin, ground silica and pigment

Product Code: 10117