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Kraft Full Insert for Large Platter Boxes

£42.86 £31.20

Add a charming touch to your food presentations with our Kraft Full Insert, its nestable design, easy handling, and recyclable material, makes it a sustainable choice.

Made from durable Kraft board, this is a versatile and eco-friendly solution for your food packaging needs. The pop-out handle makes it convenient for handling and transport, ensuring your food items are securely contained.

Our Kraft Full Insert is designed to be used with short-life food items, making it perfect for deli platters, sweet treats, and other perishable food items. If longer shelf-life is required, our insert can also be used in combination with flow wrapping for added protection.

Fully recyclable this allows you to dispose of it responsibly and reduce your environmental impact. By removing any food waste prior to recycling, you can ensure that the board is recycled efficiently.

In addition to its functional design, it also adds a natural and rustic look to your food packaging, making it ideal for gifts, deli platters, and other food presentations. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for various food items, providing a flexible and eco-friendly packaging option.


Dimension : (L) 445 x (W) 307 x (H) 78

Case quantity: 50s

Use with Box code : 10765C Product Code: 10765E