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165mm rPET lid to fit 1000ml Kraft Bowls

£31.95 £31.95

Preserve the taste using our rPET lids!

Featuring a durable and flexible plastic design, these PET lids are much stronger than regular polypropylene lids, ensuring that your food remains safe from leakage or spills. Plus, being 100% recyclable, these lids are a sustainable choice for your business.

Designed specifically to fit our 1000ml Love Natural Biodegradable Kraft PLA Salad Bowls, these lids are a perfect fit for your salads or other food items. With their stackable design, they are easy to display on your shelves, maximizing space and keeping your food items fresh and secure.

With a temperature range of -10°C to 70°C, these PET lids are suitable for a wide variety of food items, making them versatile and convenient for different serving and storage needs.

Dimension : 165mm

Quantity Case : 300s

Match with Bowls code : 12802

Product Code: 12803