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Economy 500ml Standard Microwave Containers with Lids

£30.09 £29.56

Join the revolution of reusable food containers and elevate your culinary game with our 500ml Standard Microwave Containers & Lids!

Crafted from a pristine, transparent material that's as tough as nails, these containers are built to withstand the test of time.  Made from premium polypropylene plastic, these containers are not only a breeze to clean, but they're also freezer-friendly and microwave-safe for ultimate convenience. With their sleek design and unbeatable durability, these containers are the perfect companions for any catering or hospitality business.

The lids of these magnificent containers are designed to fit snugly, creating a watertight seal that keeps your food safe from leaks and locks in all the delicious flavours. Plus, they're engineered to trap steam inside, preserving the temperature of your food for longer periods of time, while still allowing your customers to effortlessly reheat their meals in the microwave when hunger strikes.

Versatile, reliable, and eco-friendly, our economy microwave containers are the epitome of culinary perfection. Whether you're transporting scrumptious takeaways or storing leftovers for later, these containers are your ultimate foodie sidekick. 

Capacity : 500ml  

Case Quantity : 250/250

Product Code: 10343