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Clear Rubble Sacks (75 mic)

£73.50 £52.50

An unbeatable solution for handling all your waste, whether it be food or rubble.

These bags are not just any ordinary bags, with their generous size and durability they are perfectly suited for containing bulky food scraps, peels, and lots more.

Adept at transporting spilt bags of heavy food waste, such as leftovers or kitchen trimmings, without any leaks or spills.  Even sharp objects like bones or shells are no match for their sturdy build, this will withstand it all.

But that's not all! These rubble sacks are not only tough but also sustainable.  Made from biodegradable materials, they help reduce your environmental footprint wile keeping your kitchen tidy and hygienic.  

Whether your a home cook or a professional chef, let our rubble sacks be your trusted companion.

Product Code: 10749

Dimensions: 660 x 965 x 1168mm

Pack Size: 300

Product Code: 10749