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%100 Recyclable Cups - reCUPs In Stock Now!

%100 Recyclable Cups - reCUPs In Stock Now!

A reCUP® is made the way a paper cup should have been made from the start — with recycling in mind.

The reCUP® uses EarthCoating®, an innovative barrier coating that replaces up to 51% of the plastic with minerals.

This mineralized resin blend is engineered to be fully compatible with conventional paper recycling systems.

A simple change to the coating provides the recycling industry with paper cups that are easily recyclable today.

The reCUP® has successfully obtained numerous industry standard recycling certifications.

reCup Double Wall recyclable cups are the first paper cups to achieve AAA Certification by the Institute cyclos-HTP in conjunction with the European Green Dot scheme.

reCUP recyclable paper cups are also PTS certified recyclable.

reCUPs look and function like traditional cups and are made the same way... except for one MAJOR difference — 

They are engineered to be recyclable. 

To see the range we have in stock please type 'recup' into the search engine on our website or alternatively contact our knowledgeable team of professional representatives for more information.

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