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8oz reCup GREEN Double Wall Coffee Cups-100% recyclable

£78.03 £78.03

The 8oz reCUP® GREEN Coffee Cups are designed with recycling in mind, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper cups. These cups are made using EarthCoating®, an innovative barrier coating that replaces up to 51% of plastic with minerals, making them more recyclable.

The mineralized resin blend used in EarthCoating® is engineered to be fully compatible with conventional paper recycling systems, making it easier to recycle the 8oz reCUP® GREEN Coffee Cups. These cups have obtained numerous industry-standard recycling certifications, including AAA certification by the Institute cyclos-HTP in conjunction with the European Green Dot scheme, as well as PTS certification for recyclability.

The 8oz reCUP® GREEN Coffee Cups have a cup height of 90mm and a brim diameter of 80mm, with a capacity of 8oz (227ml). They look and function like traditional cups and are made using similar manufacturing processes, with the major difference being the use of EarthCoating® for enhanced recyclability.

By choosing the 8oz reCUP® GREEN Coffee Cups, you can contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the foodservice industry, as they are engineered to be recyclable and made with recycling in mind. Proper recycling practices and adherence to local waste management guidelines are important to ensure effective recycling of these cups and other packaging materials.

Please see our Repulping Report for more information.

  • Cup height : 90mm
  • Brim Diameter : 80mm
  • Capacity : 8oz (227ml)

Quantity per case : 500


Product Code: 32008