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12oz Kraft Soup Cup

£41.92 £38.63

Enjoy your meals on-the-go with our eco-friendly 12oz Kraft Soup Container!

Made from double thickness food grade poly paper this Soup Container is 100% recyclable.  Its versatile design makes it perfect for serving not just soups, but also salads and pasta dishes. And with its ability to be frozen, refrigerated, and microwaved, it's the ideal choice for busy food vendors and caterers who need to serve up hot meals on the go.

But this container isn't just limited to hot foods - it can also be used to serve up delicious cold and frozen desserts like ice cream and frozen yogurt. 

Capacity : 12oz/350ml

Dimension : (L) 90 x (W) 73 x (H) 86

Case Quantity : 500


* no matching lids

Product Code: 90965