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8 inch Square Sugarcane Plates

£49.59 £36.57

Elevate your dining experience with our eco-friendly and chic Square Sugarcane Plates!

Crafted from natural non-wood fibres sourced from renewable and sustainable sugar cane resources. These plates are not only a stylish choice for your table, but they also reflect your commitment to sustainability and responsible dining.

Designed to withstand heavy meals and messy foods without compromising on durability or functionality. Versatility is the key with our Sugarcane Plates, as they are suitable for use in cold cabinets and microwaves. They can resist water temperatures of up to 100°C and oil temperatures of up to 150°C, making them perfect for a wide range of hot and cold food options. Whether it's a casual dinner or a special occasion, our Sugarcane Plates are up for the task.

Case Quantity : 500

Dimensions : 20x20cm

Product Code: 10121D