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14 inch Plain White Pizza Box

£18.19 £18.19

Whether you're a pizzeria, a restaurant, a café, or any other food service establishment, our 14 inch Plain White Pizza Box is a reliable and eco-friendly option for your food packaging needs.

Perfect for safely storing and transporting your delicious pizzas. Made from high-quality corrugated paperboard, this 14 Inch Plain White Pizza Box is sturdy and reliable, ensuring your pizzas arrive in excellent condition.

Featuring a hinged lid design, our pizza box is easy to open and close, providing convenient access to your pizzas. The plain white design offers a clean and professional look, suitable for pizzerias, restaurants, cafes, and other food service establishments.

Our pizza box is designed to hold a 14 inch pizza, providing ample space for your pizza creation while keeping it secure during transport. The corrugated paperboard construction provides excellent insulation, helping to keep your pizza hot and fresh until it reaches its destination.  It's also perfect for other food items as well. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of food options, making it a great choice for your food packaging needs.

Additionally, our pizza box is made from recyclable materials, allowing you to dispose of it responsibly and reduce your environmental impact. It's a sustainable choice for your food packaging needs.

Dimensions : 350x350x45mm

Case Quantity : 50

Product Code: 10429C