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25 x 38cm Red Gingham Paper

£47.14 £47.14

Add a pop of colour to your food with our Red Gingham Greaseproof Paper!

Made from PERG. ANTIGRASAS material, these sheets are easy to use and lightweight making them perfect for wrapping and serving basket food, and are a great choice for cafes, delis, farm shops, catering outlets, and street food vendors who want to offer an eco-friendly and eye-catching solution for enhancing the presentation of their food.

Designed to be greaseproof, they ensure that food stays fresh and delicious without any messy leaks or stains. Making them ideal for wrapping a variety of basket food items, such as burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and more.

Dimensions: W 250mm L 380mm

Case Quantity: 2000 sheets (10kg)

*Not Suitable for Heating

Product Code: 102501