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350x450mm Imitation Greaseproof Paper

£18.69 £18.69

Cut the grease using our Imitation Greaseproof Paper!

This greaseproof paper is a versatile kitchen essential with a variety of uses. Made from bleached paper, these greaseproof paper sheets come in an oyster colour and are cut to the size of 350x450mm. They are ideal for wrapping food and keeping it fresh in fridges, freezers, and microwave ovens. This paper is designed to resist grease and moisture, making it perfect for use in food preparation, baking, and cooking. Its non-stick properties also make it a great choice for lining baking sheets and pans. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, imitation greaseproof paper is a must-have in any kitchen.


     Dimensions : Full ream (cut2) : 350x450mm

     Case Quantity : 1 Ream

    Product Code: 10249