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51x 51mm Tuesday - Shelf Life Labels

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Simplify your food rotation process with our DissolveMark Tuesday Shelf Life Labels!

With these DissolveMark Day-of-the-week Shelf Life Labels, managing food rotation has never been easier. These 51mm labels are designed to dissolve in any water temperature in less than 30 seconds, making clean-up a breeze and reducing the risk of residue or contamination. 

Perfect for food rotation and preparation containers, portion bags, and more, These are a game changed.  With a working temperature range of -40°C to 80°C, these labels can withstand extreme temperatures without losing their effectiveness. Even in freezing conditions, these labels remain intact and readable, ensuring that your food items are properly labelled throughout their shelf life.

The minimum application temperature of -6°C means you can apply these labels even in colder environments, without worrying about adhesive failure. The DissolveMark adhesive is specially formulated to dissolve completely in water, leaving no residue behind; ensuring a clean labelling solution.

Designed for efficiency and food safety, these Day of the Week Labels are the perfect choice for busy kitchens. Implementing a color-coded system based on the day of the week has never been easier, helping you reduce food waste and comply with food safety regulations. 

Pack Size : 250 Labels per Roll 

Label Size : 51x51mm


Product Code: 10310P