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9 inch Plain Brown Pizza Box

£18.70 £18.70

Introduce our 9 inch Plain Brown Pizza Box, the perfect packaging solution for your takeaway shop or fast food restaurant. This corrugated pizza box features a hinged lid for easy access and convenience.

Designed to hold a 9 inch pizza, our pizza box is perfectly sized for standard-sized pizzas with all their delicious toppings. The plain brown design gives it a rustic and natural look, making it ideal for environmentally-conscious businesses or those seeking a simple and classic aesthetic.

Made from high-quality corrugated materials, our pizza box provides durability and strength to protect your pizzas during transport and delivery. The hinged lid allows for easy opening and closing, making it convenient for both customers and delivery drivers.

Our 9 inch Plain Brown Pizza Box is ideal for takeaway shops, fast food restaurants, or any business that offers pizza for delivery or takeaway. It provides a reliable and eco-friendly packaging solution that is made from sustainable materials and can be easily recycled after use.

Dimensions : 225x225x45mm

Case Quantity : 100

Product Code: 10430