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9" Square WorldView™ PLA Lid

£83.02 £83.02

Introduce our 9" Square WorldView™ Renewable & Compostable Lid to your kitchen!

Part of our eco-friendly packaging solutions. We have engineered our newest line of take-out containers to combine environmental benefits with top-notch performance.

Our WorldView™ Containers feature sugarcane bases, making them a sustainable choice as sugarcane is a rapidly renewable resource. They are designed to be used with either rPET (recycled PET) or PLA (polylactic acid) lids, both of which have environmental benefits. Our renewable and compostable PLA lids are perfect for cold foods, providing an eco-friendly option for packaging salads, cold sandwiches, and other chilled items.

Our PLA lids are also BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute)-certified compostable, ensuring that they can be composted in commercial composting facilities, further supporting our commitment to sustainability. Choose our 9" Square WorldView™ Renewable & Compostable Lid for your take-out and food packaging needs, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Dimension : 8.81 x 8.81 x 1.65 inch

Case quantity : 200

***Container sold separately***

Use with Container code : 12220
Product Code: 12221