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Ink Roller for DM4 2 Line Marker Gun

£2.50 £2.50

Unlock labelling brilliance with the Ink Roller for DM4 2 Line Marker Gun!

Our DM4 Label Gun Labels are designed to fit the 1 Line Marker DM4 Speedy Mark Express 10, allowing you to print one line of information and quickly adhere it to a product or package.

With our reliable and high-quality ink roller, you can achieve sharp, clear, and solid prints, making your labels easy to read and ensuring proper food labelling.  Whether you need to mark expiration dates, production dates, or other important information, our Label Gun Labels provide a convenient and efficient solution for your labelling needs. With the Ink Roller for DM4 2 Line Marker Gun, you can trust in consistent and professional printing results, helping you maintain food safety standards and compliance.

Used with : Speedy Mark Express Series Label Gun and DissolveMark, DuraMark, MoveMark, CoolMark, Labels

Colour : Black

Pack Size : Ink Roller is sold as a single roller 

Use with Speedy Gun code : 10310

Product Code: 10310A