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Large Brown Takeaway Bags

£19.46 £19.46

A natural and sustainable solution for your takeout needs!

Whether you're packaging burgers, fries, or sandwiches, these bags are versatile and suitable for various industries such as fast-food restaurants, cafes, and more.  Made from sturdy brown kraft paper, they are not only 100% recyclable, they are aesthetically pleasing having a rustic and charming look that's perfect for eco-conscious businesses. With flat handles, they are easy to carry and provide a comfortable grip for customers on the move. 

Whether you're serving up your famous takeout meals or freshly baked goods, the Large Brown Takeaway Bags with flat handles are a great way to package your products sustainably and stylishly!

Dimensions : (W) 25cm x (G) 14cm x (H) 30cm

Remark : 10% tolerance on all sizes of bags

Case Quantity : 250

Product Code: 10085