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Medium Corrugated Food Box

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Elevate your dining experience with the Medium Corrugated Food Boxes, crafted from the finest corrugated paper that not only embodies sustainability but also adds a rustic charm to your meals.
These boxes are not just practical, but also perfect for serving up medium portions of your favourite culinary creations, whether it's a scrumptious plate of fish and chips or a delectable assortment of multi-food delights. Designed to handle hot meals, oily foods, and even baked goods with ease, these food boxes are the ultimate versatile choice for any foodie. With their leak-proof construction, you can enjoy your meals without any messy spills, making dining a breeze.
With their eco-friendly 100% recyclable materials, you can indulge guilt-free, knowing you're making a responsible choice for the environment. These Medium Corrugated Food Boxes are the perfect blend of style, functionality, and sustainability.

Dimensions : 11x6x2" 

Case Quantity : 100

Product Code: 10238M