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Wrapmaster 4500 Cling Film & Foil Dispenser

£37.47 £37.47

Make your kitchen a breezer with the Wrapmaster 4500 Cling Film & Foil Dispenser! 

Wrapmaster® is the trusted choice of professionals in catering, restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice operations when it comes to efficient and hygienic dispensing of film, foil, and baking parchment. As a leading brand in foodservice, Wrapmaster® offers top-quality, innovative, and easy-to-use dispensers that are designed to enhance safety, hygiene, and efficiency in the kitchen.

Confidently dispense film, foil, or baking parchment with precision and ease. The dispensers are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience in busy kitchen environments. The cutting mechanism of Wrapmaster® dispensers provides a clean and straight cut every time, eliminating the need for clumsy tearing or cutting tools.

In addition to efficiency, safety and hygiene is also prioritized. The dispensers are designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, as they protect the film, foil, or baking parchment from coming into contact with hands or other surfaces. This helps maintain food safety standards and promotes a hygienic working environment.

A trusted brand by culinary experts for its reliability, durability, and performance. The dispensers are built to withstand the demands of a professional kitchen, ensuring long-lasting use and value for money. Plus, with a wide range of dispenser sizes and compatible refills available,


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