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Standard Plastic Sandwich Containers

£35.02 £35.02

Keep it fresh using the Standard Plastic Sandwich Containers!

Disposable plastic sandwich containers are a convenient and practical solution for packaging freshly prepared and same-day use sandwiches. These containers are usually made from rPET or PET, which are both lightweight and 100% recyclable materials. They come with firm clip closures that keep the sandwiches secure during transport and help preserve their freshness. There are different sizes and types of plastic sandwich containers available, ranging from standard fill to deep fill and even triple fill. The ultimate solution for use in cafes, delis, and other food establishments that offer sandwiches on their menu. They not only provide a professional presentation of the food but also help reduce waste by being recyclable.

Dimensions : 180x68x87mm

Case Quantity : 500

Product Code: 10776