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#PlantsNotPlastic Recyclable Packaging

#PlantsNotPlastic Recyclable Packaging


Recycled Packaging –A Step towards Green Packaging

Saving the planet is high on the agenda at the moment, and here at GM packaging we want to make it easier for you.

Which is why we are introducing our new range of Corrugated Kraft disposable takeaway trays! Made from single face corrugated cardboard these 100% recyclable takeaway trays are the simple solution to tackle the waste from food vendors!

We are now stocking,250g food cones (perfect for crepes, waffles, churros or perhaps the traditional fries) Burger Boxes (perfect for burgers, sandwiches, wraps and rolls) and 480g disposable trays (which are perfect for nachos, rice dishes or even noodles) these products have a grease-proof lining and with a ribbed outer they will give any food served in them a professional look, while keeping that eco aesthetic that is important to food traders. Disposable food trays are available to order now and will make recycled packaging so much simpler. Make Sustainable Packaging part of your 2018 #PlantsNotPlastic

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