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340ml/12oz Smooth Double Walled Coffee Cup

£27.52 £27.52

Elevate your hot beverage game with our 340ml/12oz Smooth Double Walled Coffee Cups!

Crafted with care, these cups are designed to keep your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate piping hot and your hands cool. Our Double Walled cups are designed with built-in insulation, making them comfortable to hold without the need for extra accessories.

They are the perfect solution for all your on-the-go sipping needs. Need to take your drink with you? No problem! Indulge in your favourite hot beverages with style!


*Please note, lids are sold separately*

Capacity: 340ml

Case Size: 1 x 500

Weight: 16.32 gsm

Outside Diameter: 90mm

Material: Paper

Product Code: 10490