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Paper Water Cone Cups (118ml/4oz)

£53.36 £53.36

Enjoy a chilled beverage in our 4oz/118ml Paper Water Cone Cups!

Paper cone cups are a type of disposable cup that is typically used for fetching water from public dispensers. They are made from paper, which makes them an eco-friendlier option than plastic cups. 

These paper cups are a practical and versatile option for a variety of settings, from offices and vending machines to cafes and events. Made from 100% bio paper, our cups are also biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

The 4oz/118ml capacity makes them a convenient choice for hydration on the go.

Suitable for water.


Diameter/height: 68mm (D) x 90mm (H)

Capacity: 118ml

Cup size: 4oz

Weight:  1.3g

Case Quantity: 5,000

Product Code: 10400