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6mm Red Striped Paper Straws

£3.95 £3.95

Introduce a vibrant 6mm Red Striped Paper Straws - the perfect addition to any party or event!

Featuring a classic red and white stripe design that adds a touch of cute retro charm and a splash of colour to your drinks. Made from premium quality bamboo and wood pulp, these straws are not only biodegradable but also compostable, making them a sustainable choice for the environment. They are also safe for the marine environment, ensuring you can enjoy your drinks guilt-free.

These paper straws are perfectly suited for serving a wide variety of cold drinks, making them ideal for parties, events, bars, juice bars, and Retro-themed celebrations. They are made from food grade biodegradable paper, ensuring they are safe and eco-friendly for both you and the environment.

Size: Length: 19.5cm

Inner Dia: 5mm

Outer Dia: 6mm

Pack Quantity: 250 Straws

Product Code: 12100