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Plastic Shallow Lids for snack pots

£39.60 £39.60


Seal the freshness with our Plastic Shallow Lid for Snack Pot!

Designed with stackability in mind, our Plastic Shallow Lids are perfect for easy storage and organization. They are designed to fit our pots of sizes 200ml, 270ml, 300ml, and 400ml, offering versatility and compatibility with multiple pot sizes. The lid size is 101x12.4mm, ensuring a snug fit for our pots and helping to maintain the freshness and quality of the food inside. 

Made from recyclable PET, these lids are a sustainable choice for food packaging. PET is a commonly accepted plastic for recycling, making these lids a responsible option for reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from home use to commercial foodservice operations. They are perfect for sealing and storing leftovers, prepped ingredients, or food items for takeout, catering, events, and more. Their durable and versatile design makes them a practical choice for any food storage needs.

Case Quantity : 1600

Pot Code : 10496B, 10496C, 10469D & 10469E)

Product Code: 10496F