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7oz Paper Vending Cups

£18.90 £18.90

Enjoy your favourite beverage in our 7oz Paper Vending Cup!

These paper cups are a practical and versatile option for serving hot beverages in a variety of settings, from offices and vending machines to cafes and events. Made from a single poly-coated heavy-duty paper, these cups are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

Providing a sturdy and leak-proof structure that can withstand hot temperatures, they are perfect for single servings of any hot or cold beverage.  The 7oz capacity is also suitable for water drinking, making them a convenient choice for hydration on the go.

Another great feature of these cups is their suitability for customization. They can be custom printed with a company logo, branding, or messaging, enhancing the visual appeal of the cups and helping to reinforce brand awareness.

Height : 92 mm

Outside Diameter : 80mm

Capacity : 7oz

Case Quantity : 1000

Product Code: 10874A