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Allergen Storage Shelf Life Label

£9.18 £9.18

Promote Food Safety and Compliance with our Allergen Storage Shelf Life Label!

These labels are designed to help you easily and clearly display information about potential allergens in food items, ensuring the safety of your customers and protecting your establishment from potential prosecution and costly fines.

They are great for food identification, customer safety, and compliance with Food Standards Agency (FSA) regulations. By using these labels, you can effectively mark food items that contain allergens, allowing customers to make informed choices and avoid potential allergen exposure.

With a working temperature range of -40C to 71C and a minimum application temperature of -12C, these labels are suitable for a variety of temperature environments, including freezers, coolers, and dry storage areas. They are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchen environments, ensuring that your allergen management remains effective and reliable.

By clearly indicating the presence of allergens and the expiration date or shelf life of the food item, you can ensure that potentially hazardous allergenic food items are properly managed and not used past their safe consumption date.

Adhesive : Removable Adhesive, MoveMark

Pack Size : 500 Labels per Roll 

Label size : 50x100mm


Product Code: 116478