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Kraft Snack Cup

£79.81 £79.81

Made from durable cardboard, these snack cups are not only practical but also 100% recyclable, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious businesses and individuals.

Designed with convenience in mind, these are perfect for serving a wide range of delicious treats. From crispy bubble waffles to crispy onion rings, savoury chicken nuggets, golden chips, and crispy potato wedges, our snack cup is the perfect vessel for holding and serving these mouth-watering delights.

Crafted from high-quality and sustainable cardboard, our snack cup is sturdy and reliable, ensuring that your food stays secure and delicious until it's time to indulge. The natural kraft colour adds a rustic and eco-friendly touch, making these snack cups a charming addition to any food service setting.

Dimensions : 80/60 x70/110mm

Case Quantity : 1000

*Please note, stock is estimated to arrive in October and dispatch will be from this point onwards

Product Code: 10237SK