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Kraft Square Paper Grill Sandwich Bag

£64.17 £64.17

Keep your sandwiches fresh and flavourful, with these versatile and eco-friendly bags.

Made from non-stick paper, specially designed for contact grills and grill presses, ensuring optimal protection for your delicious creations, these are the perfect solution for takeaway, deli, paninis, baguettes and snacks.

With these innovative bags, you no longer need to worry about your bread sticking to the grill or losing those coveted grill marks. The paper is heat resistant up to 220ËšC, allowing for easy grilling and microwave heating, all while keeping the bread's texture intact. The unique design of the bags allows the bread to get its grilled stripes even through the bag, resulting in perfectly grilled sandwiches.

Not only are these bags functional, but they are also eco-friendly. Made from compostable paper, they can fully decompose in just 16 weeks, reducing environmental impact. Additionally, the bags are recyclable, further contributing to sustainability efforts.

Hygienic and easy to handle, these square paper grill sandwich bags are designed for hassle-free serving. They can be individually adjusted according to customers' desires and needs, providing flexibility and customization.

Dimensions : 200x170x40mm

Case Quantity : 500

Product Code: 10777BR