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Mini Kraft Sandwich Packs

£49.95 £49.95

Add a touch of rustic charm using our Mini Kraft Sandwich Packs!

Made from recycled board,100% recyclable, these Sandwich Packs are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

Featuring secure locking tabs, these sandwich packs are designed to keep your sandwiches fresh and secure during transportation. They are suitable for freshly prepared and same day use sandwiches, ensuring that your customers receive the tastiest and freshest sandwiches possible.

These Mini Kraft Sandwich Packs are also customizable, allowing you to add your own labels for branding or ingredient information, making them perfect for cafes, delis, or catering businesses. With their compact size, they are suitable for 2 x 1/4 sized sandwiches, making them a convenient and practical option for meal packaging.

Not only are these Mini Kraft Sandwich Packs functional and eco-friendly, but they also add a touch of rustic charm to your food presentation. 

    Dimensions : 88x55x88cm

    Case Quantity : 500

    Product Code: 12927