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Silbake OvenBag baguette bag

£79.00 £79.00

Make grilling a breeze with Silbake OvenBag Baguette Bag!

Designed with convenience, cleanliness, and creativity in mind, our OvenBag is the ultimate solution for flawless grilled sandwiches.  Your bread will boast mouth-watering grilled stripes even through the bag, adding a visual delight to your sandwiches.

Keeping the grill clean during cooking, it prevents lasting unpleasant odours or aftertaste of food residue burnt on the grill, allowing you to serve your customers the ultimate dish!

Crafted from premium heat-resistant and certified paper, this baguette bag can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius, allowing you to grill baguettes and other delectable treats to perfection. The greaseproof paper prevents oil and grease from oozing onto the grill, keeping your grill mess-free and reducing the need for clean-up.

Not only does it keep the grill spotless, it also ensures the highest level of hygiene. The food does not touch the grill during cooking, maintaining cleanliness and freshness. Made from 100% certified food-safe, compostable, and biodegradable paper, this Silbake OvenBag is an eco-friendly choice for environmentally-conscious chefs.

Dimensions : 105x40x320mm

Case Quantity : 600

Product Code: 10774