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Standard Black Chip Scoop

£24.59 £24.59

Whether you are serving sweets, french fries, or other snacks, the Standard Black Chip Scoop will provide you with a practical and eco-friendly solution. Its paper cardboard construction makes it a sustainable choice, and its leak-proof design ensures that your food stays fresh and contained. 

Made from paper cardboard, this chip scoop is not only functional but also eco-friendly, as it is 100% recyclable. It is a great option for businesses looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

Designed to be leak-proof, the Standard Black Chip Scoop ensures that your sweets and french fries stay contained, preventing any potential messes or leaks. This makes it convenient for both customers and staff, allowing for easy handling and transport without worrying about spills.

With its sleek black color, the Standard Black Chip Scoop adds a touch of elegance to your food presentation, enhancing the visual appeal of your sweets and french fries. It is a great option for businesses looking to elevate their food presentation and create a professional and polished look.

Dimensions : 55x135x130mm

Case Quantity : 500

Product Code: 10243C