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Tall Plastic Deli Lids

£38.75 £38.75

Create a delightful beverage with our Tall Plastic Deli Lid!

Designed with tall height, our Deli Lids provide ample room for toppings such as cream, sauces, or fruit. Allowing you to customize your food items and create delicious combinations.

Made from recyclable PET, these lids are a sustainable choice for food packaging. PET is a commonly accepted plastic for recycling, making these lids a responsible option for reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

Our Tall Plastic Deli Lids provide a tight seal on our snacking pots, helping to keep your food items fresh and secure. They are also easy to open and close, making them convenient for everyday use.


Lid sizes : 101x27mm

    Case Quantity : 1600

    Pot Code : 10496B, 10496C, 10496D & 10496E)

    Product Code: 10496G