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Window Medium Platter Sleeve

£22.64 £22.64

Window Medium Platter Sleeve

The Perfect Sleeve for the Platter Display!

The medium platter window sleeve is a cost-effective solution when you want to showcase the contents of the platter while keeping them protected. The sleeve features a window that allows for easy viewing, enhancing the visual appeal of your platter presentation.

This product is made from board material that can be recycled after removing any food waste, contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing waste and promoting recycling practices. Additionally, the window portion of the sleeve is designed to be industrially compostable within 90 days, further supporting environmentally-friendly packaging practices.

By using the medium platter window sleeve, you can enhance the presentation of your platters while also promoting eco-friendly packaging practices. It is an ideal option for catering events, parties, or any occasion where showcasing the contents of the platter is important, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability through recycling and composting options.


Dimension : 402x260x82.5mm

Case quantity : 25s

Use with BASE code : 10760 Product Code: 10760MLID