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2 Pack Muffin Cake Containers

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Introduce the 2 Pack Muffin Cake Containers to your kitchen!

The perfect solution for transporting delicious treats with ease. These containers are made from high-quality PET material, ensuring durability and sturdiness while on the go. Featuring a 7.5cm divider, they allow safe storage and transport without the risk of them colliding and ruining each other's appearance.

These containers are not just perfect for muffins and cupcakes but can also be used to store fresh cream, fruit tarts, or any other desserts you desire. One of the greatest benefits of these containers is their lightweight design, making them easy to carry and store in your bag or backpack. Whether you're a professional baker or someone who loves to bake at home, the 2 Pack Muffin Cake Containers are a must-have accessory for all your dessert transporting needs.

Dome Lid height :  7cm

Dimensions : 180x105x64mm

Case Quantity : 540

Product Code: 10057B