Black Plastic Plates

Black Plastic Plates for every parties

    Plastic plates have become such a part of our everyday lives.  When planning parties, picnics, birthday, special events or wedding, plastic plate has become a reliable thing for families.   It is now surely socially acceptable to use disposable plates at a formal occasion because it makes thing easy, economical, no mess and no hassle. They do an excellent job.

    If you are in food industry as catering, restaurant or café and shop, the best choice for serving customers for foods take-out is plastic plate, it is the right answer for you.  Plastic plate is strong and geometry enhance meal presentation and ensure greater comfort and food security.

At GM Packaging, we offers a great range of plastic plates come with 2 colour in white and black, available from 7 inches and 9 inches.  Our product made from premium plastic material that gives a product sturdy, smooth and nice colour. 

Black Plastic Plates

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